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Redhead collection explained

The very first girl forever etched in my mind as a young fellow was a golden flamed hair beauty with opel almond blue green eyes and a freckled dove white complection…....over 30 years on to this day i still adore redhead beauty….........
I can stand and ponder over exotic cars,structures,trucks,motorbikes,landscapes ect ect but i cannot put 2 words together when i see girls like what is in my faves pictured here...just eternal timeless beauty.....Pete 2010


RivieraVisual's Profile Picture
Hello and welcome to my profile. Firstly i would like to thank anyone who has taken the time to study/comment on my images/shots. I would also like to thank deviantART for just being here,for me to be able to get my photography/digital art outside my p.c. My name is Peter, I am eternally grateful for being able to see vibrant colour,hear beautiful soundtracks/music and have the capacity and technology to produce my world, my images. In a no fun world seemingly increasing to me with misery,violence and mindless media for the masses , i am happy to be able to enter a world of colour and beauty here on deviantART and share others escapism and art. I have a love of classic and hi tech,my now rarely used Nikon F and the Canon Powershot SX20is and now the 60D , the old and the new has helped produce visually timeless images for me to hold. Inspiration that powers my images are from a mixture of today’s and yesterdays female beauty and many years of watching and taping rage (ABC TV), love of music video and production,aswell as niteclub intelligent light and sound also the classic vehicles ive owned and still drive today before the world changed. Riviera Visual is a name i gave myself as an interest for my photography,and thats what it is'an interest',im not a trained techinal photographer and have no desire to be nor to wear a beret,a scarf or drive a green friendly car. For all its flaws, its digital enhancements,its just me,and that’s what i see and thats good enough for me...... Kind Regards and thanks for your input. Peter. Say hi on Facebook at…


WTC 1973 ~ 2001 by RivieraVisual
WTC 1973 ~ 2001
Remembering this day in 2001 changed i how i perceived things of the world, there has been over time memorable events that have occurred on the globe, i could list the ones that changed my personal outlook however nothing beats this ,,,Miserable human being beliefs resulting in the total destruction of landmark architecture within a super beautiful western city with a total disregard for civilian life going about there day,,,i could not look at any more newspapers or images of this event,,to this day,, i watched dissolve what was left of what i thought was normal,,, R.I.P to the 3000+ who lost and the stunning WTC 1973 ~ 2001,, ,, Pete 2015


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