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Smoking by RivieraVisual Smoking :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 0 0 Hugh ~ Easter Bunny ~2017 by RivieraVisual Hugh ~ Easter Bunny ~2017 :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 0 0 Hazchem Steel City 2017 by RivieraVisual Hazchem Steel City 2017 :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 0 0 Steel City ~ The Meow Lounge by RivieraVisual Steel City ~ The Meow Lounge :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 0 0 Steel City ~ The Meow Lounge by RivieraVisual Steel City ~ The Meow Lounge :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 0 0 Steel City By Riviera Visual by RivieraVisual Steel City By Riviera Visual :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 0 0 Kirsty by RivieraVisual Kirsty :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 0 0 VF Series 2 Concept 1 by RivieraVisual VF Series 2 Concept 1 :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 1 0 1969 GS Buick Riviera by General Motors by RivieraVisual 1969 GS Buick Riviera by General Motors :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 2 0 Stormy by RivieraVisual Stormy :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 1 0 Gymea @ Home Spring 2016. by RivieraVisual Gymea @ Home Spring 2016. :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 2 0 Gymea @ Home Spring 2016. by RivieraVisual Gymea @ Home Spring 2016. :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 0 0 Gymea @ Home Spring 2016. by RivieraVisual Gymea @ Home Spring 2016. :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 0 0 Gymea @ Home Spring 2016. by RivieraVisual Gymea @ Home Spring 2016. :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 1 0 Gymea @ Home Spring 2016. by RivieraVisual Gymea @ Home Spring 2016. :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 2 0 Gymea @ Home Spring 2016. by RivieraVisual Gymea @ Home Spring 2016. :iconrivieravisual:RivieraVisual 2 0


ahh by AskelaSakrech ahh :iconaskelasakrech:AskelaSakrech 59 7 portrait by AskelaSakrech portrait :iconaskelasakrech:AskelaSakrech 554 47 ID 17/01/14 II by vika-mark ID 17/01/14 II :iconvika-mark:vika-mark 132 40 Waiting for the Sun by LassSuicide Waiting for the Sun :iconlasssuicide:LassSuicide 386 31 2015 ID by Sniickersnee 2015 ID :iconsniickersnee:Sniickersnee 116 32 Oasis by Rei-Doll Oasis :iconrei-doll:Rei-Doll 884 45 By the river by RoyalImageryJax By the river :iconroyalimageryjax:RoyalImageryJax 192 14 walk a thousand miles.. by rebekahkauffman walk a thousand miles.. :iconrebekahkauffman:rebekahkauffman 76 29 Untitled by ironautumn Untitled :iconironautumn:ironautumn 137 14 the flower keeper by pholwises the flower keeper :iconpholwises:pholwises 1,514 110 Fallen by AnitaAnti Fallen :iconanitaanti:AnitaAnti 1,485 33 May dreams come true by kittyviciousaltmodel May dreams come true :iconkittyviciousaltmodel:kittyviciousaltmodel 42 2 zaerte by malonbirka zaerte :iconmalonbirka:malonbirka 838 48 Shied away by NoMadderThanYou Shied away :iconnomadderthanyou:NoMadderThanYou 440 23 Cherry Skirt 1 by Briannabater Cherry Skirt 1 :iconbriannabater:Briannabater 180 47 Ribcage by MissSouls Ribcage :iconmisssouls:MissSouls 356 97

Redhead collection explained

The very first girl forever etched in my mind as a young fellow was a golden flamed hair beauty with opel almond blue green eyes and a freckled dove white complection…....over 30 years on to this day i still adore redhead beauty….........
I can stand and ponder over exotic cars,structures,trucks,motorbikes,landscapes ect ect but i cannot put 2 words together when i see girls like what is in my faves pictured here...just eternal timeless beauty.....Pete 2010


RivieraVisual's Profile Picture
Hello and welcome to my profile. Firstly i would like to thank anyone who has taken the time to study/comment on my images/shots. I would also like to thank deviantART for just being here,for me to be able to get my photography/digital art outside my p.c. My name is Peter, I am eternally grateful for being able to see vibrant colour,hear beautiful soundtracks/music and have the capacity and technology to produce my world, my images. In a no fun world seemingly increasing to me with misery,violence and mindless media for the masses , i am happy to be able to enter a world of colour and beauty here on deviantART and share others escapism and art. I have a love of classic and hi tech,my now rarely used Nikon F and the Canon Powershot SX20is and now the 60D , the old and the new has helped produce visually timeless images for me to hold. Inspiration that powers my images are from a mixture of today’s and yesterdays female beauty and many years of watching and taping rage (ABC TV), love of music video and production,aswell as niteclub intelligent light and sound also the classic vehicles ive owned before the world changed. Riviera Visual is a name i gave myself as an interest for my photography,and thats what it is'an interest',im not a trained techinal photographer and have no desire to be nor to wear a beret,a scarf or drive a green friendly car. For all its flaws, its digital enhancements,its just me,and that’s what i see and thats good enough for me...... Kind Regards and thanks for your input. Peter. Say hi on Facebook at…


…… Ive only just obtained and have running Fetch Tv my 1st paid Tv channel ever,,, many years behind everyone  else,,, just like my 2G Nokia they turned off on me this year it takes me a while to adapt to change,,, my 1st Android was only 3 months ago 10years behind,,, set top box came 3years after they turned off analog,,,music played on DvD and movies was it,,, I cant stand anyways,sport, foody  DIY home b.s and survivor and manufactured music 5minute stars,,,my p.c tower arrived in 2006 and digital camera same 10 years late,,,, well its been running Mtv Classic 90’s here all weekend on Fetch and I gota say a tear in the eyes as I remember some big nights out on these tunes ,,, phenomenal era of cars, clubs, girls, fashion, and times,,,,id do it all again ,, gen y has missed out,,,thanks for my good times at your expense Gen Z  ,,,what a pleasure ,,,the world had grown sorta dark to me after 9/11  ,,, Music and colour still runs here though every weekend regardless,,, Peter 2017   

Its been 3 years and I haven’t had a single cigarette I loved them as much as I loved gals and at 2 packs a day I was lit up, my place was full of smoke and tar,,, people around either left or took it up , I really only enjoyed 10% of them,,,I carried smokes and a lighter out in the niteclubs for almost 10 years that being a non smoker ,,just to meet gals,,and I did with them,,,  I sometimes miss them,,,,especially those nights of girls,bourbon, coke and mtv @ mine,,some here will remember those nights,,,smoke,music,fashion, smashed stepping  out,,,,,,Truthfully  I have never again felt really myself after I stopped however I cannot justify the cost these days aswell as the anti-social thing it seems to have become,,,,,, when I win lotto I will have a room just dedicated to Vogue cigs,,, smoke until your hearts content,, or stopped,,,,whatever comes first,,, Peter 2017  

Hugh ~ Easter Bunny ~2017

It is totally inappropriate and improper to have girls dressed up as cats and rabbits in 2017…..,,,,,Yea Right,,,, Sure,,,, When I have a few sherbet’s out as the night progresses the young ones about seem to appear as cats and when they talk all I hear is this,,,,,:::Meeeeoooow,,,!!,, its cute and strange,, but I like it,,,,now my hero Hugh had a slightly different take and this is his day when cats turn into rabbits just for him ,,,at Easter,,, What a legend and a legend timeless logo to go with,,, not doing so well these days but then,,, nor am I,,,, pictured here in the prime of bunny heaven,,, its were all the money was spent,,,what an image,,, good one Hugh,,Happy Easter 2017 from Pete xx  

Hazchem Steel City 2017
I dont know why i love industrial sites,,, there is some great images of days gone by around here,,an era of industry ,,, maybe its just getting back to basics of being a worker , i did spend a fair amount of time near the coal loader at Port Waratah , Newcastle aswell as the foundry's in my youth as a driver,,, i just like port's i guess,,,funny i love heavy shipping but hate boats,,wierd,,,anyways i used to be impressed with polished places like Westfield Miranda however its just such a wank to me now ,,,, When i discovered this 8 million litre tank of Sulfuric Acid near work i just wanted to give it such a big hug,,,what a beast,,,,you wouldn't even drive fast enough away in a F1 if this thing had a bad day,,what a monster,,, Pete @ home in Steel City ~ 2017
Steel City ~ The Meow Lounge
Steel City ~ The Meow Lounge,,,Full Tilt Colour n Sound ,,, Sat Nite,,, Great to be back on day shift at my new job this week after 4 years of nights in Sydney of which i do not miss or think about one bit ,,,,the only nights alive i want to see are @ mine here and the local venue which is proving to be quite interesting ,,, and i don't really care if it isnt,,, Peter April 2017 ,


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