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Redhead collection explained

The very first girl forever etched in my mind as a young fellow was a golden flamed hair beauty with opel almond blue green eyes and a freckled dove white complection…....over 30 years on to this day i still adore redhead beauty….........
I can stand and ponder over exotic cars,structures,trucks,motorbikes,landscapes ect ect but i cannot put 2 words together when i see girls like what is in my faves pictured here...just eternal timeless beauty.....Pete 2010


RivieraVisual's Profile Picture
Hello and welcome to my profile. Firstly i would like to thank anyone who has taken the time to study/comment on my images/shots. I would also like to thank deviantART for just being here,for me to be able to get my photography/digital art outside my p.c. My name is Peter, I am eternally grateful for being able to see vibrant colour,hear beautiful soundtracks/music and have the capacity and technology to produce my world, my images. In a no fun world seemingly increasing to me with misery,violence and mindless media for the masses , i am happy to be able to enter a world of colour and beauty here on deviantART and share others escapism and art. I have a love of classic and hi tech,my now rarely used Nikon F and the Canon Powershot SX20is and now the 60D , the old and the new has helped produce visually timeless images for me to hold. Inspiration that powers my images are from a mixture of today’s and yesterdays female beauty and many years of watching and taping rage (ABC TV), love of music video and production,aswell as niteclub intelligent light and sound also the classic vehicles ive owned and still drive today before the world changed. Riviera Visual is a name i gave myself as an interest for my photography,and thats what it is'an interest',im not a trained techinal photographer and have no desire to be nor to wear a beret,a scarf or drive a green friendly car. For all its flaws, its digital enhancements,its just me,and that’s what i see and thats good enough for me...... Kind Regards and thanks for your input. Peter. Say hi on Facebook at…


When you get on all that is left is sitting around watching the ABC and discussing what the weather girl is wearing today, is it Aami is it Vanessa who's doing what, who's going out tonight who's thinking who is a ,,,,wrong outfit,,bad hair,,,who didn't get home, you get the picture,,,, Today was a super red hot day on the map and when it is a big weather event the ABC rips out its top shelf girl and that is,,,,,, Kirsty ,,, Weather girl art and what a dress,,, Look at AU Red Hot,,,H here H there, Just like Kirsty,,,H,,,,,sorry about the picture quality dived for the camera,,, Kirsty is rarely seen ,,,Oh the weather girl ,,,,and that's that,,,Pete 2017
VF Series 2 Concept 1
The last by Holden ,,, Love my SSV but starting to like this new colour "Light my Fire" gold,,, fires been out for ages and the idea that a paint code on a ute is the closest thing im going to get with what i traditionally like is otherwise impossible,,,,during the heat today i modified the new model similar to my existing one,,, Riviera Visual Digital
1969 GS Buick Riviera by General Motors
Found this terrific 35mm shot of my ex Buick Riviera GS today,,,,,you knew when i was at the party,,never a family truckster,,,,ever,,,and ,,nothing but GM or Ford ,,olschool ,,forever,,, ,, photographed in a carpark at Cronulla where ive been photographing my cars since 1981 ,, Stunning and unforgettable 1969 GS Buick Riviera by General Motors~ Flint Michigan USA,,, sold 2009
In the mid 2000’s a friend girl of mine had bought me a DvD of The SG Girls 1st Tour, I guess it was because I love tattooed rebel showgirls and there she was “Stormy”,, and what a pure rebel art form she was in the beginning, she was my favourite and I still love watching her on this production . Its been about a year since I checked her twitter page and I was very saddened and It was with a heavy heart I learned that she had passed away, she had been through a lot in her short time and you could see it . I put this together for her,,,, I am a long way from Portland Oregon so I spent some time today as well there on Google Earth Street. For you “Stormy” ,,,,,,,,, The True Rebel Showgirl,, in heart and soul ,,R.I.P ,,,Peter 2016,,,
Journal: Sharks Hype: People who know me well know how much I love watching sport and especially the NRL, just like Roy and HG its sport, sport and more sport @ mine, just can’t get enough. It’s good for some to see the hype and follow I guess and currently here in The Shire over “The Sharks”, it’s something, I remember some huge nights at this club back in the mid 80’s /90’s Sunday nights after Northies when The Shire had it pumping for clubs and nightlife, so much fun and old school as such, they called it “Captains’ I can still see that girl there, burnt forever in my mind dancing on the VIP stage dancefloor in a crocheted type one piece see- through catsuit , wow,,, and all my time there at the club had absolutely nothing to do with football what so ever. I do remember saying looking quietly at this stadium and grounds over many occasions driving past disagreeing that it was continually renamed and thinking, just like a boat, its just bad luck to rename, it was like it continually sold-out to the highest bidder,just like a ,,,,. It, the grounds there will always be “Endeavour Oval” to me, I had this idea after Sharks continual previous demise that the whole place should be filled with coloured balls and turned into a huge day-care centre for the Shire kiddies to be entertained in, I thought that it was all that it was good for . They responded by selling off the surrounding lands and putting a huge modern ghetto type structure on the skyline without improving the local infrastructure, the final overdevelopment site results yet still to be felt by the area,, I hope all those who bought there like the footy and can’t wait to see the resulting traffic on week day mornings. Do Chinese like NRL ?, not sure,,, but anyways forgotten and pushed to one side along with a bunch of other mismanagement that all have forgotten , what short memories however the towers built there won’t let you forget the mess over a real long time. I have loved and lived in Cronulla, I spent a huge amount of time and money in its clubs and pub, I have photographed (and have now stopped for the record) many fab public events held around there, all still can be seen on my Youtube… , in the mall , down the surf, in the local parks and ive never seen any public proper input from the team Sharks whether it be just cooking snags at an event or just promoting themselves to the locals,, they seem to me just sitting down there, I wouldn’t even know a 1st grader if I tripped over one playing a 360, although there was one night out in Carmens, me overdressed as usual and dark, where some older school 1st grade players asked me quote: “ was i there to shoot someone” my response : quote in dry unhumour: “ It’s my night off” anyways the Tradies Club killed them and packed them away for self-promo at these events with colour, staff and just being there. I don’t expect to be popular over this writing and observation however its black and white from me, it is what it is and has lost me most of my friends over time but I remember my place full of girls and music avoiding this sports hype and it still flows with nothing but music video and colour in here @ mine, its now long forgotten along with me with so many. Im slow now however ive never sold out,,,it is what it is,, , Peter 2016 ,,Here is the Endeavour Oval featured in when it had a Soul and Heart,, long gone. F all the other B.s…


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